Can I refund orders?

At the present time, it is not possible to refund orders. If a customer pays in PURA, all sales are final and irreversible. If you wish to refund a customer you would need to transfer funds to them, send them PURA or issue them with a store credit note (outside of our merchant system).

PURA is a peer-to-peer payment system without any third parties. Therefore, it is technically not possible to implement a body of arbitration in the payment process. Once payment is completed, it is not longer possible to reverse the process within the merchant system.

How I can trust in PURA?

PURA is a digital cash movement for the common good. By building decentralized social responsibility and contribution and by putting the decision-making power on how funds are spent into the hands of the users of PURA, PURA aims to provide an environment that enables individuals to be their own bank.

When do I receive USD or EUR to my bank account?

One of the major advantages of the world of cryptocurrencies is that you are “your own bank”. It is solely your decision to store your funds in cryptocurrencies and to partner up with other suppliers accepting cryptocurrencies. If you wish to exchange your funds into fiat money, there are several ways to do so:

  • Exchange PURA to fiat money via an online exchange
  • Exchange PURA to fiat money via PURA ATMs (coming soon all over the world)
  • Load your PURA onto a PURA debit card (coming soon) and withdraw the money from any fiat currency ATM


Why is there no need for me to pay any fees?

PURA is a decentralized cryptocurrency. This means that PURA transfers take place in a peer-to-peer network. The customer has to pay a very low handling fee and the merchant receives the total amount without reduction.

Note that merchants are only eligible to receive the total amount when the sign “PURA Accepted Here” is displayed in the merchant’s online presence, shop window and where appropriate.


Will I need to price my articles in PURA?

No, you continue pricing your products in your normal currency, such as USD, EUR or any other currency. Your PURA wallet automatically calculates the proper amount in PURA at the actual exchange rate.

If you are selling a product for 549 USD and a customer pays using PURA, you will receive the corresponding amount in PURA to your wallet which you can exchange into any currency (including any other cryptocurrency) if you want.

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